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You are reaching the space in your journey of growing into your true power and sovereignty; Thus begins your fool’s journey – On this portion of your path, you return into the space of trust, as you break ground into the unknown and unlock the hidden mysteries of YOU and the Universe at large. This is the portion of your journey that will reveal and solidify your life path and the mission that you have come here to achieve.

You are now ready to let go of fear, to BE the light, to become the ascended guide and healer that you never knew you were meant to be.


Soul Path Integration
– Light Leader Training

An energetically infused container, aligned in the defined energy of holding the secure space for you, and your close group of sistars, to safely explore and recognizes your intricate power and energy.

Safra Turner
1:1 Mentoring

Receive the keys to unlocking the deepest truths about yourself, humanity, the current matrix and our ascension process.

Ascended Healing Certification

Growing into your unique gifts and abilities

The Ascending Goddess Monthly Membership ~ $33/mth

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Freedom Ascension Call

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Sexual, Sensual Goddess 1:1

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Chakra Alignment

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Timeline and cord cutting healing

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Unlock your Soul Path trance session

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Blue Ray Arcturian DNA Activation – Unlimited strands

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Deep blue healing

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