Work with Me **update with Divi**


Working with me requires you to be deeply committed to yourself and your growth. It is your personal commitment that expands you into your greatest power.

My work runs far deep than growing into your truth. I will teach you to be your own light and shine it for the work. Together, we release your fears and grow into that path of love, light, and power.

I accept 1:1 clients who are ready to be the transformation and claim responsibility over their experience. I guide you into your deepest levels of expansion and share the tools you needs to enable you to develop and share your gifts.

You can choose from a number of tracks, as well as choosing unique 1:1 coaching and mentoring based on your current experience and the direction you wish to grow.

Most training is a 3-month minimum commitment, unless otherwise stated. This ensures you have properly internalized and integrated your learnings. As we reach the end of our 3-month journey, we can decide to extend our work together on a case by case basis.

Discovery tracks:
Master Healer Activation and training – Grows you well beyond advances healing modalities, allowing you to work with, and heal, all forms of dis-ease and ailing conditions. Attunes you to the Arcturian and Blue Ray healing frequencies, as well as telepathic healing, medical intuiting, removing attachments, and a number of additional deep healing techniques. (8-week training)

Soul gift development, business building and visibility training – Uncover, expand and develop your deepest soul gifts, while building your own business and breaking through all obstacles and limiting beliefs that hold you back.

Developing your psychic client connection for the healer, coach, teacher, copywriter and marketer – Adds priceless tools to your current kit and enables you to connect to your clients on the deepest of levels, providing them with honed, unique, and often surprising insight. Create powerful client-provider bonds and dedicated clientele.

Developing your starseed self – Understanding who you are and where you come from, why you are here and growing into your objective here on Earth

Mediumship – Working with the spirit world, healing others from and releasing spirit attachments, guiding spirits to the other side, communicating with spirits, protection from spirits.

Develop your own healing modality – Bringing together your gifts into your own unique modality.

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