On rare occasion, I decide Im ready to learn something new that frightens the shit outta me.

Last time I did this was when I decided to work with past lives in order to heal myself from serious, freeze me in my place, limiting beliefs.

Time before that was when I decided to consciously work with the dead and spirit world.

Both times led to the greatest expansions of my life. Both of them scared the bejeezus outta me. But I knew what I had to do, and so I did it. And I rocked them.

And here I am, on the next ledge. A seed planted a while ago is coming to fruition. And I am so excited, and so nervous, and so totally know that my fear is my own ego at play.

I’ve discovered how to open (and close) interdimensional portals. OMG, these things actually exist???!!! And I have been given the sign that it is time to do this. (This is way, way more than just guiding spirits over to the other side)

And so I will. I might need a bit of time to grow my courage into taking this next major step, but I accept this next step. And I am excited as can be to do so!

Fear, blocks, frozen in place, all when you have a dream or goal in mind – All of these are signs that you are stumbling upon massive expansion… as soon as you let go and trust.

I can help you here. Just as I discovered the path to unbounded expansion that led me to the point of working with portals, in the first place…I can lead you through your own biggest blocks and into your most POWERFUL expansion!

As one that often had to reach around in the dark, I can tell you, it really helps to have a guide. You can cut years off of the expansion process and save many of the stumbles and falls along the way. And you have someone there to support you, who has ALREADY BEEN where you are, and has OVERCOME, GROWN and can now lead you out the other side (And its pretty damn awesome over here, might I add!)

If you are ready for your massive expansion, to grow into your deepest gifts, to live out your passion, to be a guide for others, and to support yourself and you family through your alignment… then you are ready to talk to me.

When the student is ready, I am right here for you