Wheeeewwweeee, this has been quite a period! Let’s talk about and make some sense of it, shall we?!

Mode is chaos, created through external pressures and some seriously dark energies. Pressure is high, uncertainty is extreme. It’s been harsh all around.

There is absolutely no doubt that in times like these, it is getting more and more difficult to hold the light. The way that the process is working, is to attempt to pull EVERYBODY down into it and it is being done in so many manners that it is almost impossible to fend off – Until you become strong enough to be in your power.

Until the only person who has power over you, is you.

The coercion, social conditioning and propaganda, has reached the point of creating a deep chasm between those who see through the illusion and those stuck within it. Lots of smack talk, anger, frustration and blame.

Not at those that engineered this game. Not at those throwing you into the state of uncertainty in the first place. Not on those who are profiting to extreme levels through this pandemic game.

No, instead we point fingers at each other – Cuz its easier to blame than to step into self-responsibility.

In the meanwhile, we are getting sucked into the energies of this chaos, somewhere, somehow, because it is practically pervasive.

Trust me, you guys, I get it. I am just as susceptible as the next person. No matter how much I shield. No matter how much I am aware. No matter how much I KNOW it’ll be ok in the end. I am still finding myself dealing with varying states of anxiety and chaos. This past 2 months for me, has literally been running in place.

You already are aware that we are being attacked on as many levels as they can, in order to break our spirit and lower us into their darkness. We have seen the precedence for this over and over in history. As we begin to awaken, we are pushed into the darkness to put us back to sleep. WW1 and the following Spanish Flu pandemic are perfect example number one…

So, we are pretty much in a literal battle for our light right now. Our weaknesses are being exploited, both individually and collectively. We are being overwhelmed and inundated with serious mind control propaganda right now. If you are awake to it, you can block it.

If you want to get a good understanding of what’s playing out right now, watch V for Vendetta. No joke. I’ve watched this film 4x since this game began in February. They told us exactly what was coming. Pretty much action for action. Same director as the Matrix series btw.

Ok, so there’s all of that. Not easy. Heavy. Intense. Feelings of insecurity. No doubt.

But wait. SOMETHING is different. Something that is the absolute undercurrent of everything that has been happening on the 3D. And THIS, is where we should be putting our focus.

This time, the collective is WAKING UP. We are WATCHING. Our minds have begun to be blown open. We aren’t just drinking the koolaid anymore. We are asking what its ingredients are first.

Remember how I’ve been constantly sharing that they are prodding a sleeping dragon. They can only push so far, before the dragon awakens? Well, that dragon seems to have awakened.

This collective dark night, has broken open the hypnosis the darkness had over us. Partially, because they fucked up. They took away our diversions (work, play, sports, entertainment, school) – And so now we have more time to pay attention. They took our income, our stability, our sanity, our children’s childhoods.

They created the chaos, but didn’t give a solid diversion. They were not fully able to cover up their diversion of attention through the virus fear mongering, because this time, too many of us were ready and able to manipulate their own game against them. We stayed awake.

Many of us have been preparing for this game for a long time and were ready and able to guide and support the light and the truth, through exactly those means that had been utilized against us – social media and technology platforms. I’ve said it before and Ill say it again, you take down a fortress from the inside out, break it down from within. Not only was information shared, but the censorship was seen by you, by the collective, and it made us question.

It’s because this time, we started to see.

There is so much more to say here, but lets leave it at this – a year ago, almost all of the topics running rampant on social media were considered taboo conspiracy theory. These days, these are normal everyday topics of conversation. That’s just incredible! It may not be easy to wake up to these things, but WE ARE WAKING UP. And that means, that critical mass is getting closer and closer to being reached.

Here’s what I know. We’ve reached THE critical period right now. Both physically and on the energy and spiritual levels. The next steps that we take, both through physical action (or non action) and through expanding our conscious awareness are going to absolutely affect our experience over the coming years.

If the pot needs to boil with us in it, before we are willing to demand the shift, that’s on us at this point. If our fear is keeping us compliant, that’s on us. And its fine, its our collective choice. Remember, no right or wrong, even if it seems that way. At some point, we learn the lesson and grow.

Definitely not easy to hold observation mode these days, though. Ill attest to that.

HOWEVER, if you have let go of the fear. If you are deeply in the space of trust, it really matters not how the next steps play out on the collective. Your path will be totally different. Even if we are sharing similar physical experiences. It will almost be like split timelines in one reality experience.

Where there is no fear, there is room for creativity and change. We all know that when push comes to shove, creativity finds solutions where none may have been seen previous. We all know that the impossible becomes possible when we just open the bandwidth of awareness just a little bit.

You guys, I know this is crazy time. I’m smack dab in the middle of it, as they try to shut down the healers, in order to push their vaccine as the only solution. But it is in these periods that we see those shining lights even brighter. You can’t miss the light in the darkness. I’m not worried. Maybe fall into the feels sometimes, but then re-member and pull back up into the light, into the observation. Because here is where we create the shift.

The healers are where its at right now. We are stepping up, we are saving so many lives, we are literal lights for a public stuck in the darkness. And I’m about to open up our next live round of Ascended Healers. Cuz its time to step the fuck up. We need our high-level healers. We need you.

If you’ve been activated into your healing call. Talk to me. Were training an army of healers and light warriors AS WE SPEAK. And they are stepping up into their roles, hardcore. We are also healing the collective in unprecedented levels and balancing that darkness with true light.

This has been amazing to watch.

And, of course, my friends, if you need support – contact me. Even if you cannot afford it. Contact me. Nobody who truly needs support gets left behind in my book, unless they choose that for themselves.

We got this, you guys. Things will be ok. We need to collectively get through the darkness, in order to collectively find the light, but awakening – we are. On UNPRESCEDENTED levels.

Congratulations men and women of Earth, were getting there!

Hold your light, hold the line,