I worked with Safra for a few months, it was brilliant as I had just learned that I was a clairaudient. I found her skills, her understanding to be fantastic. She guided me and taught me things that helped me understand the spiritual and psychic world and she helped me improve my gifts. She was a brilliant mentor to me as well as a trusted friend. You won’t regret working with her, she is calm, kind, and so knowledgeable, and makes you feel heard and understood. Especially when you don’t know what you are doing haha – no regrets for me!

Thank you Safra!

Joy Fisher

Safra is amazing!!! So relatable and connected 💜 all of the healing and activations I been a part of so far have been really powerful and I am so happy to have met and share in such a wonderful consciousness. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Safra if you are ready to become your best self.

Carley Trimble

Working with Safra is well worth every cent of your investment, she genuinely cares about you and growing you into your highest capacity. She is sincere and authentic. I’ve been working with her for 2.5 years. She came into my life when I put out to Universe that I want to attract genuine people and guides into my life. She fulfilled her role. I have worked with her in the 1:1 capacity, and join every single program she invites me into, as a VIP. It doesn’t even matter what the program is, because it’s Safra.

I think she is the perfect healer because she doesn’t care how she heals people, so long as they get healed. She is extremely flexible. She never expects her clients to fit into her own mold, rather, she is always aligning to the needs of her clients.

She cares so deeply about her clients, that she will always reach out if I ever disappear for a while or recluse myself.

Working with Safra has transformed my life drastically! I’ve been able to work through my very deep mother and father issues, have become my own lottery jackpot (because I literally manifest everything I desire, just by thinking about them and letting the outcome go. I have everything I want in life now and want for nothing. This was not the case 2.5 years ago. Safra guided me into my power and my visibility. I have been able to create a holistic lifestyle, and gain control over my diabetes through our work together.

I now see the lesson in all of my experiences and take responsibility for my reality. She was one of the best investments I have ever made in myself. She genuinely cares and loves her clients, will be there for you in emergencies, is flexible, and meets you where you are, with no judgement.

I am so excited to watch The Safra Method of Ascended Healing expand. It is a strong healing modality and well worth every cent! Thank you for being a part of my life, Safra

Rajinder Parmar

Well, this could get long…lol! I received healing from you and it’s made a world of difference. I was suffering from out of control autoimmune issues, being straight up attacked in my bed at night, in my dreams, I was circling the drain, and I just KNEW that there was something in my house causing problems.

You gave me advice, sent protection and then did a couple of personal healing sessions with me that shifted everything. I am honestly a skeptic, but the uncomfortable movement throughout my body and the release of it during the healing was real… even if it made me lift an eyebrow.

The attacks stopped, the night terrors stopped, the darkness lifted, and if all of that wasn’t enough to make me a believer, I went and had my bloodwork checked one last time before I went to chemo, and everything was NORMAL! I had literally tested positive for two new automimmune conditions the month before! I haven’t had normal bloodwork in YEARS!

So, I’m no longer a skeptic. Still stunned, yes. In disbelief some days, yes. But skeptic…no. Thank you Safra for sharing your gift with me and showing me the light again!

Michele Romito

I cannot say enough about working with Safra. This woman can open your mind to the real you. Through Ascended Healing you rediscover the core of who you are which empowers you to find your unique path. Before I started my journey with Ascended Healing I knew I had trauma and blocks – I just didn’t really know how to integrate them into my own healing. Through Safra’s program and working with her one on one,  as well as resolving limiting beliefs and actually understanding where I was giving away my power with weak boundaries, I have been able to reclaim pieces of me that I once thought were lost.


Safra’s course is more of a personal journey of healing for me and it has been an excellent catalyst for that. The last year of my life has had as much upheaval as it has had expansion, and I am excited to see what my work with her will continue to unfold as I regain my power and step into the light with her thoughtful and nurturing guidance..


Tamara Turcotte

If you want to know how to tap into some of the most transformative forms of healing, work with Safra.

If you want to rediscover who you are and how powerful you are, work with Safra.

If you’re meant to heal, need to be healed, or know you’re meant for something more – work with Safra.  

Kristen Jett

Profit Priestess + Strategist, Starlit Strategies

Safra worked with my son for 6 sessions now. She took him from hostile and aggressive to friendly happy and open. She did what several years of traditional therapy would have been unsuccessful in doing. Literally worth 100times what I paid for it. You won’t regret it!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Kathryn Galloway

A few years ago I broke my right knee cap horizontally, by slipping getting into my truck. I can’t step up, like up stairs or up my mountain without excruciating pain. Today, I slipped getting into my truck and smacked it into the dashboard (again) and could not even walk for pain. During your “healing” my spouse forget the package to mail, so I ran down the hill to give it to him. Coming back up, there was discomfort, but it diminished as i proceeded and there was no pain for me to walk up my steps. I personally call this a miracle.

Tammy Conrad

Powerhouse Safra helped me clear doubts about who I am and elevated my being so I can then serve deeper.
I’m so grateful to have worked with Safra! Her energy, expertise and experiences were profound and professional.
If you’re considering working with her know you are in such safe and guiding hands!
Toby Hana Lucas

Safra has an amazing energy and I am so blessed that she walked into my life! Her guidance and sessions have been amazing and life changing!

Beth Kramer Jacobs