Testimonials **update with Divi**

It’s all about the love! Testimonials by goddesses!

A few years ago I broke my right knee cap horizontally, by slipping getting into my truck. I can’t step up, like up stairs or up my mountain without excruciating pain. Today, I slipped getting into my truck and smacked it into the dashboard (again) and could not even walk for pain. During your “healing” my spouse forget the package to mail, so I ran down the hill to give it to him. Coming back up, there was discomfort, but it diminished as i proceeded and there was no pain for me to walk up my steps. I personally call this a miracle.

– Tamatha Conrad

I had a healing session with Safra and it was a 180 in my life. If you are ready to hear the truth, and do the work, give Safra a call. She will guide you to find your own power and to manifest miracles into your life!

– Verenice Cuellar


Safra is not only one incredible women she will work closely with you to make sure what she helps you with is suited just for you! Her healings are unreal and work beyond any descriptive words out there. All I know is since the start of following Sarfra and having some healings, my life has 360! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! 5 stars!

– Melissa Allain


Safra is amazing!!! So relatable and connected 💜 all of the healing and activations I been a part of so far have been really powerful and I am so happy to have met and share in such a wonderful consciousness. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Safra if you are ready to be come your best self.

– Carley Trimble

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