If you are still not focused on boosting your immunity – START NOW. Your life literally depends on it. Bring your body into balance, cleanse the toxins and the lasting effects of the drugs and Vs in your system as much as possible.
You CAN get, be, and stay healthy. Hint – you get waaaaay healthier as you get more natural in life, food, health.
Glad to see this little gem in the “news”. Doctors and hospitals are waking up. No true doctor or healthcare professional wants dying and dead patients. Our healthcare workers are on a mission. They are healers too. Some may be misguided, but the core spark is there within. Of course, as caring medical professionals, they will try to find what will actually save lives.
Propaganda only goes so far when you see it play out in the field.
Vitamin D3, C, B12, Zinc, all super immunity boosters for the game at play right now.
We started on Protadin a few months back and it looks like we’ll be sticking with that long term. Been using high quality
essential oils for 5 years. They were the literal impetus for our bodies to return to our natural state of health.
Non GMO, locally sourced food, get the damn chemicals out of the house, clothing, your body. Stay off the 5G. Seriously. If you don’t NEED drugs, don’t take them. If you do need them, start learning about the natural alrternatives (THEY ARE ALL THERE, JUST BURIED for you to not find them)
We went from always sick to crazy healthy, just by implementing a more natural way of living. One step at a time. 5years ago, we were sick all the time. ALL THE TIME.
Now, we can set a clock to when our bodies will cleanse and replenish. All because we stopped with the drugs and started with the natural health.
You don’t need to live in fear. You can choose life. You can start where you are. You have major precedence.
I, and many others who have walked this path, can and will support you into transitioning into balanced health.
Message me.
The healthier we are collectively, the fast we will wake up and release the fear matrix.
You are naturally in a state of balanced health. You are WORTHY of your health.
Want support, healing, guidance towards reclaimimg your natural state of health? Message me! Nobody gets left behind.
We ARE in the same boat of the human experience. We are in this together and we release this together.
Hold your light. Open your eye. Shine.