“When one, abandoning the false and embracing the true, in simplicity of thought abides in wall contemplation, one finds that there is neither selfhood nor otherness, that ordinary men and saints are of one essence.”

This is a powerful meditation that is highly effective for the practitioner, whether you are trying meditation for the first time, or are an advanced practitioner.

This meditation style helps get you straight through the jibber jabber of ego, and into the space of opening yourself to receive answers and solutions.

And it’s downright simple to do. Like, it doesn’t get easier than this.

Wall Gazing. Stare at a wall. Just kidding, lol, there’s a technique 🙂

Sit on a cushion or a chair facing a white or light-colored wall, anywhere from 18″-36″ away. Back straight (not OVER straight that your straining – straight as in lean your butt back so that your tailbone is almost toughing the surface below you)

Cross your legs in full or half lotus, or if you cannot do so, then sit in a chair with your feet planted on the floor.

Place the tip of your tongue up to the roof of your mouth. (I do it on the ridge immediately behind my teeth). You are creating a conduit of energy flow in your body and it is super good for connecting spiritually AND calming anxiety, BTW.

Palms up, thumbs to either index or middle fingers.

Slow, deep breaths – In through your nose, out through your mouth.

And just start to gaze at the wall, softening your gaze is very helpful. If thoughts come in, no worries. Pay them no mind and let them flow out just as easily as they flowed in. No need to force yourself not to focus on them, that will only make it hard to release them. Just pay them no mind, and continue to focus on the wall.

Start easy, 5 minutes, maybe even less, and over time work your way up.

Pretty soon, you’ll be seeing straight through the bs, and into the understanding of true oneness. Plus, it helps you finds answers to questions you are asking!