(Simba – The Lion King)

Laughter. No joke. Try it.

My best friend and I used to have a thing, whenever things were down, bad, life made us angry of upset, we would say “Funny, funny, funny”. Then we would laugh.

Even if we didnt feel like laughing.

Here’s why.

Laughing releases endorphins in the body, that will automatically raise your mood. Even if you are not in the laughing mood.

It WILL make you feel a few notches better. Laugh once, laugh twice, laugh three times. The heaviness, anger, frustration starts to lose its grip. The chemicals in your brain, actually release the negative, as they are replaced by the positive action of laughter.

And MORE SO, laughter physically massages your body’s organs. And in the unhealthy state that our bodies are constantly barraged with, the vibrations of laughter literally help to reduce some of that “unhealth” that is stuck in your system.

And MORE SO, people dealing with dis-eases such as cancer, can literally use the power of laughter to assist in their healing process – Including actually reducing the size of/ removing actual tumors in their body.

We should be laughing a shit ton more than we are, and our lack of it is literally detrimental to our health, but if thats not enough to make you laugh, maybe this meme will be…

Share some laughter with us, ladies – Lets crack up today! Show me what youre working with!