About me **update with Divi**

Welcome to your awakening!

I am Safra, Transformational Mindsetter and Ascended Healer. My offering to you is to help awaken the incredible power of your true and deepest potential. I unleash your mind and release you from its limitations, to take you down the rabbit hole. As far as you wish to go.

I invest my time bringing to awareness the objective of expanding human conscious here in the 3D physical reality, while working with the energies and traversing the Omniverse.

My work as a healer and guide began over 20 years ago as I began to awaken to the burden of addiction, anxiety and a toxic relationship with money. A lifetime expectation of self-sacrifice as a proof of my worthiness weighed me down and kept me in a perpetual state of unrest. I had to uncover layer after layer of false beliefs, to find the truth – I was ALWAYS good enough. I had always BEEN worthy.

Once I realized my worthiness, I experienced a complete transformation. I chose to learn to deeply trust in the experience of life, and trust I did.

During my transformation I realized that each and every experience that brought me to that point, each obstacle I had overcome, and each seemingly “negative” situation I had to work though…..were EXACTLY what I needed to grow into the powerful mentor, guide and healer I became and am today.

This pivotal growth into the power of ME shifted everything. I became the creator of my own reality and opened myself to the fulfilled and aligned life I am experiencing today. I embodied my truth and from this, the magick of reality unfolded before me.

Today, that “unworthy” woman is a highly developed spiritual teacher and powerful healer. I wake people up. All the way the fuck up. I heal them in ways they didn’t know possible. From physical dis-eases to emotionally repressed beliefs they had no awareness of. And I do it fast. I train others into their true power as healers, lightworkers, teachers and guides; and am passionate about bringing this awareness to as many as possible through mentorships, coaching and programs that reach ALL levels of initiation – from the newbies to the advanced student of the soul.

I coach the coaches, heal the healers and awaken the sleeping.

I expand your mind and conscious to incomprehensible levels and guide you to your deepest soul gifts, just waiting to be unlocked, cherished and used. I help you find your voice and to share your amazing gifts, while developing your entrepreneurship skill set to grab hold of the income possible by offering those gifts to a world that so desperately needs them.

I am Safra – When you are ready to embody the truth of your being, your teacher awaits.