Welcome to my world


From the ashes rise the greatest of warriors, from the darkness, shines the brightest of lights. My story, is your journey. My experience speaks your tale. Where I am, you too shall grow.

You are here, reading this, because we have been called to connect.

I am Safra, Healer and emPOWERer. Through tests of mastery and trials into the depths of darkness, I have been gifted with the blueprints of the highly integrative Safra Method of Ascended Healing. Combining the Blue Ray and methods presented to me through my interdimensional teachers and guides and connection to  One. These energies have been brought down to Earth to support the re-AWAKE-ning of our collective; To guide us into to re-MEMBER-ing our true power; To bring us into the New Earth Matrix, through re-FRAME-ing and trans-FORM-ing the evolution of our global health and healing experience.

The Safra Method of Ascended Healing, Blue Ray, and Accelerated Emotional Healing, are the next level of our collective healing. I am not the only one to have been given blueprints for the transformation of our global collective healing processes. But I am one of the blessed few to receive, accept and implement these energies for the public. I share the secrets. I train the leaders of our healing revolution. I bring you back into your power.

Why me?

I don’t know. What I do know, is that I knew I had a calling from a young age and always trusted in that call. Blindly. I was placed in more scenarios than most people will experience in an entire lifetime, in order to release all semblance of judgement. I started over from zero, dozens of times. I was faced with my deepest fears, in order to rise above those vibrations. I was put through a plethora of experiences, in order to trust in my own voice. And I experienced many levels of government, policy, military, International NGO’s, in order to break through the illusions of the ego-based matrix and the truth I had been so deeply conditioned to believe as real.

I was guided actively, and I trusted implicitly. And this has led me into the space of teacher and healer, bridgebuilder and connecter of the awakening ones onto their ascension into higher vibrational existence.

I am the light, but am not afraid of the dark. I awaken the sleeping and release the demons. All in a day’s work.

For the sleeping ones, I am a miracle worker. A healer. I see the occult. I know the unknown. I make magick happen. For the uninitiated, I am an untouchable demon slayer and element manipulator. I am awake.

For my students, I am a teacher and a guide, bringing them into their own space of empowered alignment.

But for me, I am simply a spirit awakened to the illusion and a manipulator of this fascinating game we are playing called life. I recognize the oneness, and in this space, have stepped into my power to guide you into yours. I am here when you are ready to take your journey into the infinite that is the multiverse and grow into your own empowered alignment. As above, so below, as within so without.

I am. I be. I see.