Welcome to the dojo that is your mind. In this space, you receive the keys to unlocking the deepest truths about yourself, humanity, the current matrix and our ascension process. Upon completion of our work together, you will not only have stepped out from the matrix game, but will also be in the position to lead others into their health, freedom and truth.

You will unlock your superpower. You will be so aware of your connection to all that is, was, and will be, that you will be able to bend realities, shift timelines, and heal, on levels considered “miracle working” to the uninitiated public.

Working with me requires deep commitment to yourself and your journey. Only you can be responsible for you, and it is your personal commitment to YOU, that will unlock the door into your true self and path.

My work runs far deeper than guiding you into your truth and sovereignty. Together, we release your fears and bring you fully onto that path of love, light, and true power, unencumbered by ego games.

I am deeply committed to the success of my students, to levels unprecedented in current models of 1:1 mentoring. I support you through unique and flexible means, individual to each of my students. I don’t play with cookie cutter methods, because we ain’t cookies.

Why do I put so much into my students’ success? Because my mission is to train our next generation of top level healers, light warriors, and teachers. And I don’t fuck around. I know my life path, and I follow it implicitly.

We are literally in the middle of collapsing the matrix and collectively ascending. If I have accepted you as a student, it is because you have the light and I see the potential you carry within you. I see your path and will support you in accomplishing your role. For this reason, I will not take on students that are not willing to commit to their journey. I guide you into the deepest levels of expansion and share the tools you need to enable you to develop and share your gifts with the world, because you have the spark.

Your work will ripple out in manners your conscious mind cannot currently fathom.

Our work includes un-learning most of what you were conditioned to believe and shifting your limiting beliefs into your most powerful allies. You will no longer be the version of you that you were told to become – You will now become an impartial observer, lightholder, able to play with energies, manipulate timelines and heal in unprecedented manners. You will have fully re-connected your physical experience with your conscious awakening. You will be power.

It is in this space, that you will share your gifts with the world. Wo/men will magentize to your energy, and innately know that you can heal them. You will be seen as the powerful guide and healer that you truly are. You will be recognized as one of the few true healers. People need you.

And into this space, I will guide you. We need the right leaders, right now – And it is you, who I am dedicated to training.

You will know if we are meant to work together – The first feeling you get when you ask yourself, will tell you if this is the path for you.

If it is, complete the application and we will schedule our connection call to get to know each other, feel into your path and we will dig into one area of your choice. Well get to the root and I will provide you with actionable steps to jumpstart you into the greatest awakening of your current experience.

You will never be pressured to enroll, if its isn’t for you at this time, because honestly, if I had to pressure, then it clearly is not what you are meant to be doing right now and I would clearly be working out of a space of ego. The energy will speak for itself, and in this space, we will feel into how we best align.