Infinite Ascension



Move beyond the theory and into your divine ascension!

You are about to receive the exact tools you need to completely align and UNDERSTAND exactly where you are on your Soul Path!

You FINALLY have the opportunity to uncover your deep soul objective and connect this to your 3D life experience to grow into exactly who you intended to be in your life vision!

It is time for your Infinite Ascension.
No bs, no games. Just the deep and life shifting unveiling of your TRUE self.
You’ve seen so many wayshowers and guides share about the process of ascension. They talk about the world shifts, the crystalline body, activating your chakras, opening your third eye.

But they ignore the most important part:


Physical constraints only physically constrain you because you believe them to be so. Because you have been conditioned that it is so. You’ve spent a lifetime duped by the same powers you were raised to believe in. And you are now seeing through the facade.

Now you are going to shift it all.
And in true Safra style – This ain’t gonna be some overly complicated, difficult to fathom jonx that make you feel like you’re on some complicated roller coaster… and if you could just figure out what the fuck your mentor is teaching you, your gonna ascend programming.
Cuz I don’t jive like that.

This is 6 months’ worth of deep-rooted learning and growth, completed in an amazing 6 week experience, with one pretty awesome guide, if I may say so myself!
And it will all be presented in a relatable manner, to enable you to reach your infinite!
Here’s SOME of what you’re gonna get out of Infinite Ascension:

  • 636 strand Blue Ray DNA activation – which will ignite a 3rd DNA helix to each strand!
  • Discover and become attuned to high frequency healing with Arcturian and dragon energy!
  • You will discover your rays and what that means for your physical AND soul evolution!
  • Travel though interdimensional portals/ wormholes!
  • You will meet your interdimensional guides!
  • Discover and learn to use your Merkaba!

You will uncover your soul purpose, re-member who you are, learn to heal yourself and others, connect the soul fragments within you in order to create a more complete picture of your current self.

And you will realize exactly where you are in your own ascension, including your obstacles to overcome and your powers to expand in your present life experience.
You will be activated from the cellular and DNA level.

Time to discover, align and unleash the real you and delve into the infinite expansion of your soul!

$777 for this 6 week infinite expansion experience (2 installment option available @ $444)

You are ready. You are infinite. You ARE.


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