Freedom Accelerator


I’ve got to break free!
– Queen


I've got to break free!

– Queen

Here you are again…. stuck in the middle of the same damn thing, living the same day, same experience and over again on a loop.

  • You’re desperate to start your own business, but scared shitless of being visible.
  • You’re in a job you hate, but terrified to leave it.
  • Your partner doesn’t respect anything about you, but you feel too invested to leave.
  • You taking care of everybody in your life but YOU, and feeling you are drowning is a sea of overwhelm, unappreciation, depression and unfulfilled dreams!
  • You are just wholly unhappy with life, or at least certain parts of it.

And let me guess? You feel stuck in that dead-end job, crappy marriage, cycle of overwhelm and a basically crappy life because…. this is as good as it gets, right? It’s just “how it is.” You’ve grown so used to the monotony of “not quite good enough, but it’s what I have” that you haven’t even truly TRIED to change it!


Not even close!

Sister you HAVE to understand this. YOU ARE WORTHY and have every right to be happy, fulfilled, peaceful; to live a life without constant, nagging anxiousness where YOU call the shots and rock your own world!

It is your literal BIRTHRIGHT to live a successful, joyful and fulfilled life. It’s what you are HERE to do! If you have even a TINY seed of thought in your brain that you don’t deserve that??? Well, you need Freedom Accelerator! The 4-week incubator to birthing the true, empowered YOU!

  • The YOU who wakes up in the morning ready to create a ripple of positive change to those she touches!
  • The YOU who knows what she wants and takes the aligned action to make it happen!
  • The YOU who is no longer a welcome mat, being walked over, by other’s expectations!
  • The YOU who packs her bags and boards the train to success!

Sister, you are ready. You are ready to move from the old, stale ideas that change is too hard, joy is too fleeting, fulfillment a pipe-dream. You are ready to do the work, accept that life can be absolutely magical and that ANTHING can be changed.

You are ready for the transformation, a true connection with yourself and a commitment to TAKE COMPLETE CONTROL OF YOUR DESTINY once and for all.

This program is intense and POWERFUL and requires a deep, abiding desire to see incredible, powerful changes starting NOW.

Even if you’ve been through hell, and back again, this program is for YOU. It’s ESPECIALLY for you. You know the dark and are ready for the light; the illumination on the positive and powerful rather than the dark and limiting.

To show you how powerful this is, let me share a few results from previous (and ongoing) participants):

  • Emotionally and financially abused by her husband, she chose to stay, and change the playing field to even ground. Things don’t happen TO HER anymore. She created a balanced relationship.
  • Emotionally abused by her narcissistic husband, she chose to leave and created her ideal life, with custody of her daughter and manifesting her ideal home (for free!!!)
  • Interested in starting a business, but holding herself back, she not only has created her own business, but has grown into a spiritual powerhouse in her own right!
  • Sexually abused as a child, she was fearful of being visible and certainly felt unworthy of her happiness. She is now claiming her worthiness and manifesting her aligned and visible business!
  • Raised to be unworthy by overstepping, emotionally abusive parents, which played out well after she had her own child, she claimed her power, set and stood on her boundaries, and shifted the playing field to remove their overarching power in her life, and aligned to her success.
  • Married to a narcissist for 20 years and not allowed to earn money through out, this mother of 10 claimed her power, ended the abusive relationship and created her own life – She has built her own business, has multiple income streams, is paid to be a mother, and in a loving and healthy relationship with the man she will soon marry.
  • Unhappy in her job, barely seeing her family, she left her work and built her own successful business, completely aligned to her own path!

These are just a few of the incredible transformations that are created by women just like you! Women who had enough and demanded to OWN their worthiness – They re-claimed their power – AGAINST ALL ODDS – And built the lives that they desired.

No longer are they forced to be unhappy, unfulfilled, emotionally and physically unhealthy.

And this, goddess, THIS IS YOU!

Finding your voice, setting your boundaries, shifting the shit, building your business, manifesting your income, creating your aligned relationships…THIS IS YOU!


Now is your golden opportunity to discover all the keys you need to claim your power, release your fears, trust in yourself and GET YOUR FREEDOM BACK!

The Freedom Accelerator will make this your reality, so long as you are willing to commit to your empowerment!

This 4-week incubator will change your life. And it will last you a lifetime. It is the instigator you need to get aligned and get fulfilled.

Join the Freedom Accelerator now! Its priced to make it available to you who is willing to commit to your shifts and create your empowered life!

Sign up today!
$444 or 2 installments of $244 gets you on the path to transformation you so deeply desire!

You ready? Yes, dear sister, yes, you ARE!